Solar Observation


Observing is not just for the night sky.

We try to hold a monthly solar observing event at 11am at one of our observing sites. Either, JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve, the PFA, or at the St Ignatius observatory overlooking the oval at St. Ignatius.

To find out which observing site is active please check this events section and watch out for news or email updates close to the day.

Warning: Looking at the sun with the wrong equipment can cause permanent, irreparable retinal damage and should never be attempted. Rest assured the members of our solar group possess the equipment and knowledge to conduct our solar observing sessions safely and can advise on the specialised equipment needed for those keen to purchase their own solar scope or filters. Please check our Calendar a couple of days before as the date may occasionally be changed due to weather forecasts or other events.

Observing Sites:

St Ignatius at Riverview

JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve at Terrey Hills

PFA at Belrose