June 2021 Monthly Showcase – Saturn by Richard Maschmeyer

Just thought I’d submit my first planetary shot through my new Dob. Taken on the 25th at Lindfield.

Sky-watcher 12″ f/5 Collapsible Dobsonian (manual tracking)
QHY5III462C Camera (2.9um pitch)
MaxVision 3X Focal Extender
Focused on the Moon. Captured 180 seconds of RAW8 data with the UV\IR cut filter off. Then 180 seconds of data with the UV\IR cut filter on. Was getting about 135fps.
Frames processed in PIPP (VNG, HQ Linear)
Top 5% of frames stacked in AS!3 with 75% sharpening, no drizzle. Then each frame was treated with Topaz AI Denoise.
Frames blended in Photoshop (UV\IR off = luminance layer, on = colour layer) with a histogram stretch on both frames, followed by a slight S-shaped curves adjust.
File imported into Lightroom for additional changes to vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows and whites. +7 clarity and dehaze.


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