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Reflections is our Quarterly Newsletter/Club Magazine which is emailed to members. This publication relies solely on member submissions.

At the Annual General Meeting, the society presents the Geoff Welch Literary Award for the best stories. The Competition commemorates the life and work of Geoffrey Baldwin Welch.

Geoff was an Honours Graduate, a practising engineer, a lecturer, and a professor of civil engineering, as well as the author of over forty research publications. He was a valued member of two Astronomy Societies, including NSAS, a member of our Editorial Committee, and a regular contributor to our newsletter Reflections. He passed away in November 1999.

The life of the Competition was extended by a gracious gift from Geoff’s widow, Gwen Welch, the original funding having been arranged by Geoff himself. The Committee sincerely acknowledges these gifts as well as their intention, the main aim of the Competition being to encourage members to write articles for publication in the Society’s newsletter Reflections.

For the Competition, the period of publication is the interval matching the Society’s Financial Year, which runs from 1st October to 30th September next following.

To be published in Reflections, articles must relate to Astronomy at an amateur level or to the development of Basic Astronomy. If published articles satisfy the conditions in these rules, they can be considered for awards.

Three awards of $50 each are available in each Competition year and each person gets a copy of Geoff’s book ‘Humankind and the Cosmos: A View on Life, Climate and Astronomy’.

A ballot based on the published articles (not on their authors) will decide the top 3 articles published in the Competition period. The awards to authors will be made subject to the condition that no author may receive more than one award in any given Competition period.

Please send your Astronomy, Cosmology, Astrophysics, or Astrophotography stories to Jean-Luc Gaubicher ~ jean-luc @

If there are no submissions by the due date, the newsletter will be postponed.

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