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Welcome to NSAS’ 2020 Photobook.

This book was inspired by one of our Members, Daniel Patos, who could often be seen on Observing Nights taking amazing shots of Society Members and the equipment that they dragged out of their cars. Daniel captured the mood of the place: quiet intensity surrounded by pretty lights; people gathered around telescopes or screens to see an observing achievement; or hysterical laughter rippling over the field at the Hunter Valley Star Party.

With COVID upon us this year, we decided to celebrate some achievements that our Members have had recently, along with some of the imaging history of the club, with a Photobook. The Society is now 33 years young having been formed when Halley’s Comet visited in 1987. It is again attracting new Members as people find Astronomy a worthy interest during COVID lockdown, which has slowed our fast paced lifestyles.

These images represent 100’s of hours of work, captured during cold Winter nights over these 33 years, but they are only a small sample of what our Members have produced in that time. One of the images here is from a raw beginner, and it is their first-ever Astro-photograph!

As these images emerge from the numerical intensity of processing software, pure joy comes from seeing the image forming, and the ever quest to bring an image forth that shows off the detail and enhances the colour that lurks beneath a dark subframe, with which your eye can only see a spattering of stars.

About your Photobook:

You can have a look at what’s inside by checking the PDF. Please note that the images in the PDF file are a lower quality image than will show up in the printed book which is printed on high quality glossy paper by Snapfish who produces high quality photobooks. The PDF also contains yellow outlines around text and identifies low quality images will are all addressed in the final quality product. The Photobook is only available in an 8″ by 11″ format.

Price for the book includes delivery Australia-wide.

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