Orion Nebula HaRGB by Rohan Hinton

This image combines the data from two previous images with new Ha data to create a highly detailed image of Orion. The total exposure time on this image is 5 hours – 3 for colour (1 hour for each r, g, b channel), and 2 for Ha. Moon phase was 86% for Ha layer, 30% for RGB. Sky pollution @ Bortle 8/9. Equipment:⁠ William Optics RedCat 51 SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro⁠ ZWO ASI294MM Pro ZWO 30mm guide scope ZWO 290MM mini guide camera Antlia 3nm H-Alpha Pro ultra-narrowband filter Atik red, green & blue filters Capture Details: Red: 80 x 45s @ 120 Gain & -10C⁠ Green: 80 x 45s @ 120 Gain & -10C⁠ Blue: 80 x 45s @ 120 Gain & -10C⁠ Ha: 60 x 120s @ 120 Gain & -10C⁠ 20 flat frames per filter 20 dark flats frames per filter 100 dark frames Stacked & composed in Pixinsight


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