Observing nights take place at Terrey Hills and Belrose, usually on the Saturdays before and after the New Moon. We usually have a member and visitor’s night on one Saturday and a member’s only night on the other Saturday each month.

If you are interested in joining the club or wish to understand what the club offers, then feel free to attend a visitor night and talk to members about what the club offers as well as ask for guidance around your own equipment. There is no fee.

The visitor nights provide an opportunity to find out more about us before joining.

These observation nights can be a great way to meet existing members, understand the club and gain advice on purchasing your own telescope.

Please note that visitors with telescopes will be permitted only one visitor observing night, after which they must become a member of the Society to continue to enjoy the outstanding facilities.

Also, note that because Astronomy equipment can be fragile and very expensive to repair, children under the age of 12 will not be allowed near the telescopes.

The majority of the equipment is the personal property of a club member, and it is at their discretion whether to let you look through their equipment. Many of the members will take great joy in talking to you about astronomy or their telescope as well as letting you look through their telescope as we are mostly a friendly lot out to enjoy and share the night sky.

We start our night around sunset and continue until everyone has had enough.

If you are a member, you don't need to have your own telescope to attend observation nights. The club has several of its own telescopes, including automated GOTO scopes, which authorised members can hire for usually ~$250 for 3 months, with a $175 refund if the telescope is returned in good working order.

For the observing schedule please check the ‘Events’ page and watch out for a club email just before the night to check it hasn’t been cancelled due to bad weather as well as confirm the starting time and the particular field we will be using for the night.

Do not visit our observation sites if you are feeling unwell, have COVID-19 or have any contagious eye condition such as Conjunctivitis.