A Test Post from your new Observing Officer Phil Angilley

18 10 2017

Hi All,

This is a test post for me to see how the system works.

I will post an official post regarding Observing on Saturday later in the week.

At this stage the Weather for Saturday is getting better by the day.

Phil Angilley

02 9939 7319

0448 120 178



Observing for Saturday October 14th is OFF

12 10 2017

The prediction for 8pm is 95% cloud cover, with rain showers and a stiff 24kph breeze. This is my last post as your Observations Officer. Sorry I couldn’t conjure up a brilliant night for you.
Thank you all for the great support you’ve given me for the last few years.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for Sunday October 8th is OFF

6 10 2017

The forecast is for 98% cloud with the possibility of a shower around 11am.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for October.

1 10 2017

Apologies to anyone who turned up today. There was an error on the website which I did not pick up. So sorry.
Weather permitting, we will be at the usual site next Sunday October 8th.
Lawrie Webb.

Tonights Observing

16 09 2017

There is obviously much more cloud than earlier forecasts. Intending visitors need to make their own decision whether or not to give it a go.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Saturday 16th September is ON.

15 09 2017

There will be some cloud early, which will improve to “clear” by 10pm. Visitors are welcome, so do take advantage of a good night’s observing—we have had a terrible run this year. There will be a brisk 24 kph wind so it will be cold—rug up well. As usual, the gate will be open from around sunset.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for Tomorrow September 10th is ON.

9 09 2017

There will be some cloud it should be ok. If you’ve never been to one of our Solar sessions please come along anytime from 11am to 1pm. Prepare to be amazed by this lesser known branch of astronomy. No, it’s not going to burn your eyes, but please bring a dark hood with you to enjoy it to the utmost. Directions are on the NSAS website.
Lawrie Webb.