November 2021 Monthly Showcase

Hi everyone,

There are still a few days left to submit your entries to the November 2021 Monthly Showcase. Remember, the entries can be photos, videos, drawings, articles, anything astronomy related.

Please send your entries to me at For images and videos, please include a short description of the equipment used. Please ensure that all images have a maximum size of 1200 pixels on the longest side and are in JPG format. Also let me know whether or not you are ok with it being published on Facebook under your name.

Past entries can be viewed at and at


NSAS Update – Post Covid-Lockdown plans, Beginners Nights, Bring your Own Scope night, Zoom upgrade, Christmas Party, New Website gets a workout, What is in the centre of our Galaxy?!

Hi everyone. Well, hopefully we have seen off the worst of the COVID lockdowns and this coming year will settle down and provide us with a greater level of certainty. So we’ve ramped up the invite juices and scheduled a heap of events in the next few months.

The calendar in the NSAS website has now been updated for members access with our dates for next year, and we now also have the following dates locked in. If you are interested in attending or getting involved in any of the events please follow the associated link.
* Members Observing Nights – These are now included in the calendar –
* Beginners Night in the Field – December, February and March dates announced and available for booking – Limited Places – Register at Beginners-night-in-the-field
* Beginners Night on Zoom (Astrophotography) – This Wednesday 7:30pm – Register at beginners-night-on-zoom
* Beginners Night on Zoom for February and March are also announced and available.
* Bring Your Own Telescope Night – Popular night !! – Tuesday 25th January 7:30pm – Bookings not required and it will be conducted at Forest Trail Park
* Our first General Meeting back in Regis Hall will be 15th February and this will also be beamed out on Zoom. Visitors Welcome.
* The Club’s Christmas Party will be on Sunday 5th December 11am-4pm at our new field (Forest Trail Park) in the fancy facilities there. Members, please look out for registration details in the week before via email.

Guest Speaker
Our General Meeting speaker for this month is Andy Wang who will be talking about strange objects in the centre of our Galaxy. Andy is the lead author on a recent paper discussing a mysterious radio source in the centre of the Milky Way. The study included data analysis from the world’s leading telescopes including ASKAP, MeerKAT, ATCA, Swift, Chandra and Gemini. This session will be conducted over zoom at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th November.

Zoom upgrade and simplification.
We have received some feedback that people are experiencing zoom errors. We have now simplified our approach to the use of zoom and people should no longer be experiencing issues. If you do please notify us at

COVID Policy
These events will be managed according to the clubs new COVID Policy (attached), which basically says that at all times the club will operate according to NSW Govt Guidelines and Rules. In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may alter these at its discretion, for instance if a member had tested positive to COVID and other contact with members had occurred.

Membership Fees are due
A reminder if you haven’t paid your membership fees. Please do so via the NSSA website

James Webb Telescope gets shipped
Last month I mentioned that the James Webb Telescope is due to be launched on 18th December and it is pleasing to know it is still on track. I have attached below a link to a series of YouTube videos on the transportation and preparation for the launch.
James Webb Journey to Space PART 1

Clear Skies
David Stevenson
Club President

NSAS Privacy Policy

NSAS Update – Post Covid lockdown observing, Annual General Meeting, NSAS website and app enters testing, NSAS caps, New Beginners Night on Zoom, member subscriptions are due and the James Webb Telescope launch scheduled

Hi everyone,

YES !!! With the vaccination rates now getting closer to the magical hurdle gates the Committee has set some rules to help guide our Observing Nights.

Our first observing night is soon and will be the 30th October and will be a Members Only night and held at our new Forest Trail Park. Numbers will be limited to 30 and you will need to QR Code scan in at the front gate with proof of your double vaccination status. This will be preferably displayed on your phone from the Medicare or hopefully the NSW COVID check in app. If you do not have a valid certificate please do not arrive hoping to get in as entry will be refused. Please have the information handy so we don’t have queues. Visitor observing will be scheduled in the coming month. It is exciting to be finally able to schedule some observing nights with some degree of certainty.

Our Annual General Meeting is 7:30pm next Tuesday Night (19th) and will be held over zoom ( NB: this is also displayed on the NSAS front page). Nominations for the Committee are closed but there are still other opportunities to assist in helping with the club, and if you have a particular interest then please let us know and we will see how we can facilitate that. Please make the time to zoom in and listen to what the club has achieved in the last year and it’s plans for next year. As a member “have your say” and vote for who you want on the committee.

The new NSAS website and App are coming along well with parts of the site and app now entering testing. As mentioned previously you will be able to manage all your interactions with the club including memberships, change of addresses, phone numbers, Working with Children checks, registration for events and even check in at club meetings and observing nights.

With the new website and logo, the Club has purchased caps and these will be distributed to all existing members and as part of any new or renewed membership. We have been held back due to the lockdown but hopefully the supplier will be able to deliver these shortly.

We have 2 new Beginners Nights on Zoom sessions available now in the store ( I’m pleased to announce one specifically focussed on astrophotography (November) for those who want to dabble in the dark arts. Our October BNZ will focus on “What to bring to the field” and setting up on a “Push-to” or “Go-to” scope. See the website for more details.

The annual membership fees are now due and are only payable via the NSAS website at I get a few questions about paypal and if you need to have a paypal account – you do not. It just means that the society uses paypal to process your credit card payments.

With the new James Webb Telescope now seemingly close to launch I thought I would provide an interesting link for you that I have found very informative. The JWT will be a significant advance in society’s astronomy capabilities with a mirror that is 6x that of Hubble. It operates at a different wavelength and hence will be able to see through gas clouds and the like.

JWST primary mirror

With the launch date set for December it is something to look forward to in the months ahead.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM – hopefully that is the last AGM via zoom and we can converse together more normally in the months ahead.

Clear skies!!

David Stevenson

A photo from one of our members

John Mills Horse Head

September 2021 Monthly Showcase

Hi everyone,

There are still a few days left to submit your entries to the September 2021 Monthly Showcase. Remember, the entries can be photos, videos, drawings, articles, anything astronomy related.

Please send your entries to me at For images and videos, please include a short description of the equipment used. Please ensure that all images have a maximum size of 1200 pixels on the longest side and are in JPG format. Also let me know whether or not you are ok with it being published on Facebook under your name.

Past entries can be viewed at and at


NSAS Monthly – Jupiter and Saturn at opposition, Hunting for Planet 9, Coonabarabran Star Party cancelled and new site sub committee established.

Hi everyone

Well here we are again! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It was looking quite promising there for a bit but we find ourselves back in lockdown.

As a result of the current lockdown we have unfortunately had to cancel the trip to Coonabarabran which is a great shame as I know many of us were looking forward to the dark skies. We have alerted the hotel but if you have made your arrangements with them then you might want to give them a call and confirm what your intentions are as I know we have some members who are outside of the lock down areas.

On a more positive note the skies are quite clear at the moment and the rain seems to have gone away for a while and we are now into our best time of the year for observing. There are quite a few things around at the moment, notably Jupiter and Saturn are both in opposition this month (ie: they are at the closest to earth at the moment) so make sure you get out and have a look at them. Look due east and Jupiter is 30 degrees above the horizon at 8pm – Saturn is about 15 degrees almost directly above that – a little bit to the left.

We also have the Perseid shower next week (12th and 13th August) so look out for these. The best time to see them will be early in the morning around 3:00am till 5:30am and you need to look due north and very low on the horizon. If you are in Sydney make sure you are positioned so you can see the horizon and not looking over trees or shrubs else you won’t see the horizon.

Our talk this month is on Pulsars and Planet 9 by Rami Mandow. Rami is a keen radio astronomer and currently doing his Masters of Astronomy and Astrophysics with Swinburne University of Technology and it should be a very interesting talk as he explains about looking for Planet 9 with Pulsars and gravitational waves. The talk is at 7:30pm on Tuesday 17th August on the zoom link at our home page

As we recently discussed our new site, Forest Trail Park, is now up and running in Terry Hills although temporarily locked down due to covid but we hope to have it open soon. Our new site subcommittee has been established to help manage its development going forward. If you wish to contribute please let us know by reply email.

Looking forward to seeing you all at 7:30pm Tuesday 17th on zoom at the Hunting for Planet 9 talk.

Stay safe and clear skies.

David Stevenson

Live streaming & Astrophotography Zoom meeting during the latest July COVID-19 lockdown

Next Tuesday the 27th of July is the Tuesday after the general meeting which is the normal night I try to do an astrophotography related ZOOM meeting.
We are all currently in lockdown so perhaps astrophotography is one of those things you may want to research.

While I don’t really have a topic for Tuesday night as I’m still researching a few things, I was wondering if any had issues they were grappling with in this lockdown that they might have wanted to ask for help.

I was thinking if we can get enough people, it would provide a bit of a brains trust to help those who are stuck on something but due to COVID lockdown, can’t get to a meeting to discuss an issue face to face.

So my question is, should we have a Zoom meeting this Tuesday with just questions from the floor (so to speak)?

let me know…

A topic that came up the other night at the Australian clubs level was that Victoria was trying to organise a live YouTube session involving other states. As it turned out, basically only Victoria and South Australia took up the challenge.
BREAKING NEWS! – Lockdown Livestream Extended

I was wondering if anybody in our group was interested in this type of event. Perhaps to try locally and maybe even join a national hook-up one day.

also, let me know if anyone is interested or set up to do it.


My email is