Zoom Meeting on Tuesday


We have a guest presenter for this Tuesday night’s zoom meeting at 7:30pm, 22nd of June.

Stephen Thurston has given me 29 slides titled “Qantas Southern Lights by Flight” which he intends to talk too.

He recently took a flight to somewhere near Antarctica and photographed the sights out his window.

He talks about the travel company, what is the Aurora and where the flight took him.

Also mentioned, is a handy and cheap purchase that he used to keep the cabin lights out of his DSLR photos.

Photos? also highlighted is the difference in what your eye sees compared to what the camera captures as well as his photos from the flight.

To join the ZOOM, just go to our web page (at https://nsas.org.au/) and join our normal general meeting Zoom event.

Note that we have recently improved our website front page to make it easier to find and join our Zoom meetings.
(but if you still have issues finding the link on our home page, let me know exactly how it doesn’t help and I will endeavour to improve that link)


Greg McCall

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Observing for Saturday 12 June is ON

Hi All, The weather for Saturday is looking good. We will be setting up at the New Viewing Site in the Carpark at the PFA.
The night is going to be VERY Cold so come prepared. I will open the gates at 4:30 to allow you to setup in daylight.
I look forward to see you all there. Phil Angilley Observing Officer NSAS 0448 120 179.

Arcadia Star Party is cancelled

Hi everyone, the committee has decided to cancel the star party originally planned for this weekend at Arcadia due to the poor weather.

Hopefully, free space in our calendar, as well as improved weather, will align and we will try to revisit the event towards the end of the year.
Greg McCall.

NSAS – New field first light, Members’ Star Parties, Adaptive Optics, a perfect Lunar Eclipse and how not to blow up your telescope !!!!

Hi everyone

We have had a busy month with the new NSAS Observation field getting it’s first light on the 15th May. It was a good night with about 20 telescopes breaking the soil so to speak. I managed to grab a nice shot of the sunset

and Greg McCall took this shot of NGC6727 and NGC6729 so clearly getting images of star fields is not going to be a problem!!

NGC6727 & NGC6729 – Greg McCall 2021

It was a good night with a few teething issues where we needed to manage an automated security light which kept on turning on but we are working with the PFA to resolve this.

A reminder that the Arcadia Star Party is on this weekend for members. At the moment the weather is looking a little “wiffy” and a call will be made on Tuesday night if we are to proceed. If you are still interested in coming along there are some open spots. Members only registration https://nsas.org.au/arcadia-star-party-application-page/. Kym Haines will be giving us a “A journey through the Milky Way and beyond” presentation at 5pm on Saturday and Ilya Genkin will be doing a guided discussion around lenses on Sunday morning.

We were also very lucky to have a Total Lunar eclipse on 26th May and hosted an event, supported by Northern Beaches Council at JJ Memorial Reserve. We had over 170 people, 30 telescopes and even the ABC broadcasted from the site which was an interesting development.

This month’s presentation at the General Meeting is on Adaptive Optics. Tony Travouillon from ANU will be leading us through this and his (and co-authors) recent article that was published in Scientific American. For details, please refer to the NSAS homepage where details are available to zoom into this event. The zoom meeting will also be presented into our room at Regis Hall so feel free to come along and have a chin wag after Tony’s talk.

and lastly I have learnt that the telescope I have does not have polarity protection in its circuitry! $750 later my telescope works again. I’ll spare you the photos but the plume of smoke when I fried the board and handset was quite depressing!

Clear skies
David Stevenson
Club President

May 2021 Monthly Showcase

Hi everyone,

There are still a few days left to submit your entries to the May 2021 Monthly Showcase. Remember, the entries can be photos, videos, drawings, articles, anything astronomy related.

Please send your entries to me at bpetschel@gmail.com. Please ensure that all images have a maximum size of 1200 pixels on the longest side and are in JPG format. Also let me know whether or not you are ok with it being published on Facebook under your name.

Past entries can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSydneyAstro and at https://nsas.org.au/astrophotography/monthly-showcase/.


NSAS – Total Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday

Hi everyone.

A reminder that there is a Total Lunar eclipse this Wednesday and we will be opening up Terrey Hills (JJ Melbourne Memorial Park) at 7PM (gates open at 6:30pm). Please feel free to bring family and friends and your own scopes to come and have a look. This will be a prime viewing point in Sydney and at the moment the weather is looking good.

Make sure you rug up – IT WILL BE COLD!! Consider a thermos of tea, blankets, scarves, beanies, jackets…no open shoes. Bring along your binoculars if you have them.

We will be hosting some cubs and scouts in an allocated area so please set up away from that area.

Please observe the following rules for everyone’s safety that are in place for the night.
1. If you are bringing in a telescope you may bring your car into the park but be aware that there will be kids running around and on bikes.
2. As everyone will be looking to the east, put your car on the right hand side of the road
3. If you don’t have a telescope you must park outside and walk in.
4. You must register yourself and your party at the COVID check in desk at the front gate. BRING YOUR PHONE TO DO THIS.
5. Bring some alcohol wipes to wipe down your eyepieces after each person looks through it. Not detergent based ones,

For those volunteers who have offered to bring along your scopes a big thank you.

Similarly, for those helping out at the council event at the beach headland a big thank you to you as well. Please be aware that the council is moving this location and this is still being finalised.

David Stevenson

Beginners Night in the Field for Saturday 22 May is ON

Hi All, The weather for Saturday is looking good, therefore the night is ON.
We will be there about 4:30PM, to allow you to start setting up in daylight.
It is going to be a cold night, so bring several layers of clothing to keep warm.
Phil Angilley, Observing Officer NSAS, 0448 120 178, pangilley@bigpond.com