NSAS BIG UPDATE!! New Site available, Getting ready for Total Lunar Eclipse, and much more !!

Hi everyone.

YES!!! 15th MAY !!

The new site is now officially coming online and will be used for a number of society observing events in the coming months. At 3pm today, we will be signing the relevant agreement to make the site available to the society for the first year as part of the 10 year agreement with the Peninsular Firearm Academy (PFA). This is a major step forward for the club and with the good relationship we have with the PFA, the plan is to develop the site to enable our members to have access to the best skies in the Sydney basin.

Initially, as construction is still underway, we will be using the main car park and then as the rest of the site becomes available we will extend our usage. The first event is scheduled for a members only event on the 15th May and I look forward to seeing as many of our members there as we can fit on to the site. To make sure we don’t overflow the new site we will continue to use the great facility of JJ Melbourne Reserve, in particular to manage our larger events, such as Beginners Night in the Field. Keep a lookout on the website (NEWS section) and via this newsletter for further updates.

The past month has seen a big upsurge in requests for NSAS’s assistance in community events. We are currently booked for several events at the Royal Botanic Gardens, two scout evenings and our annual support to Mona Vale School is being requested again. We will also support a large community event on the 15th May at JJ Melbourne, and the Total Lunar eclipse on the 26th May at Palm Beach Headland. Save the Dates !! NSAS members have traditionally been very generous with their time to support these events. It is very rewarding to hear strangers look through your telescope and literally say “WOW!!”. I personally get a buzz as people can get quite overwhelmed and are immensely grateful to be given the opportunity to see some of our celestial wonders. It’s a great way to give back to society and if you wish to become involved, and be seen as a leader in the community, even for only one or two events, please reply to this email and we will be in touch. Thank you to everyone who already does this today.

The committee is currently in an advanced stage of planning for a 2-day field trip to Arcadia. We have a NSAS member who has a large, and suitable, property there and they have graciously offered the use of the site for a small star party there in early June. More information as this event is confirmed.

Our Beginners Nights on Zoom and in the Field continue to get positive reviews. Our next Beginners Night on Zoom is on the 28th April at 7:30pm. To register for this free for members event please REGISTER HERE. Non-members can also attend for a small fee.

Our speaker for 20th April is Professor Alice Gorman alias “Dr Space Junk” who will be covering quite an interesting topic – Space Archaeology. There is a lot of history up there!! Please join us via the zoom link on the NSAS homepage.

The society has also recently taken receipt of a new Celestron 130mm StarSense Explorer telescope which is available for members to take home to use and explore the skies. It is very easy to use and setup and is designed for beginners. Also available are a Celestron Nexstar 6” GOTO telescope and a Solarscope. The deposit is refunded on safe return of the telescope. If you are planning on having visitors over this can be a great way to cap off the night with some celestial viewing. Please note this is a members exclusive benefit so take advantage of it!! You can reserve these telescopes directly in the Store on the NSAS webpage.

I hope to see you at our new site soon.

Clear Skies
David Stevenson

Observing for Saturday 3 April is ON

Hi All, Saturday is looking good until very late, with some cloud coming in.
Friday was a great night and Saturday is looking just as good.
I will open the gate a bout 6:15, for a great night.
See you all at the Terrey Hills site.
Phil Angilley Observing Officer NSAS, 0448120178

Observing at Terrey Hills tonight Fri 2 April

Hi All, As tonight is looking so good, we will be holding a viewing night at Terrey Hills.
With Sun Set at 6:45 PM, I will open the gate at 6 PM.
The weather forecast for Saturday s not looking very good, so come along tonight just in case.
Phil Angilley, Observing Officer NSAS, 0448120178

March 2021 Monthly Showcase

Hi everyone,

There are still a few days left to submit your entries to the March 2021 Monthly Showcase. Remember, the entries can be photos, videos, drawings, articles, anything astronomy related.

Please send your entries to me at bpetschel@gmail.com. Please ensure that all images have a maximum size of 1200 pixels on the longest side and are in JPG format. Also let me know whether or not you are ok with it being published on Facebook under your name.

Past entries can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSydneyAstro and at https://nsas.org.au/astrophotography/monthly-showcase/.


Advanced Astrophotography zoom meeting on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 7:30 pm

Tomorrow night, Tuesday 30th, is our next Advanced Astrophotography zoom meeting at 7:30 pm.

Using too thin or too long a cable to power your gear, can sometimes lead to random problems or equipment not working at all, even though it looks cabled and powered up.

I plan to demonstrate the voltage drop in the kinds of 12 volt DC cables that initially looked OK in the early days of my astrophotography journey.

Even just upgrading your cooled camera can turn a previously working setup into a problematic setup because of cabling.

Just using a couple of multimeters, you will see the difference you can make by just using thicker and shorter cables.


Having the correct power source that will last you all night is only part of the power puzzle.

Delivering enough current and voltage to your equipment for it to do its job is also needed.

SOLAR Observing for Sunday 28 March at Terrey Hills is ON

Hi ALL, We will be setting up at the Night Viewing area in Terrey Hills for Solar on Sunday.
We will be setup by 11 AM and continuing until 1 PM.
I will have my repaired LUNT and clubs new Coronado for people to use.
If anyone is planning on coming, please drop me a note or txt to let me know.
Phil Angilley, Observing Offices, NSAS 0448 120 178

Advanced Astrophotography Zoom meeting for 30th March 2021 (new date)

Originally planned for the 23rd, but due to a clash with our outreach night at the Calyx in the Sydney Botanic Gardens, I have moved the zoom meeting to the following Tuesday the 30th.

So, join our Advanced Astrophotography zoom meeting on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 7:30 pm.

I plan to talk about and demonstrate voltage drop in 12 volt DC Astrophotography cabling.

I have some typical thin and thicker cables as part of the demonstration.

I aim to show you the difference you can make by just paying attention to your cabling and use thicker and shorter cables.


Having the correct power source that will last you all night is only part of the power puzzle. You need to deliver enough current and voltage to your equipment for it to do its job.

Greg McCall