New Astronomer’s Group

The New Astronomers Group is a great course for people who have recently purchased or plan to purchase a telescope and would like to learn how to use it. The group also caters for those of us who are have had their telescopes for a while and are interested in talks and presentations on the latest updates in astronomy. If you have a problem with your telescope and need advice with it, please contact us beforehand from the menu above and bring your scope along with you on the night. Topics we cover include star-hopping the night sky, learning to use your telescope more effectively, astrophotography and other practical areas of astronomy.

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSAS is currently revising the format of the course. A one-afternoon session is planned to take place in mid-July 2017 with time and location to be confirmed shortly.

Cost: $30 for the course, $10 of which can go towards your membership fee if you decide to join the society. This is payable on the first night that you attend.

Sign Up: You can sign up for the 2017 course here: 2017 NAG Registration Form