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Nov 08

Lunar Eclipse

Start Date
08-Nov-2022 7:15 pm
End Date
09-Nov-2022 1:00 am
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

Lunar eclipse starting at 7:18pm on Tuesday 8th November and lasting 5 hours and 37 mins. Join us for one of the longest eclipses you will probably ever see. Full eclipse starts at 9:16pm lasting till 10:41pm. Partial eclipse starts at 8:09pm and finishes at 11:49pm. 

NSAS will be operating from 2 sites with the best views from Palm Beach Headland. The 2nd site will also have great views at Mona Vale headland. 

The initial phases of the eclipses will be AT the horizon at sunset and hence make sure you can see all the way to the ocean. The water reflection will be magnificent and hence visibility to the water is important to get the best of the location. The full eclipse will happen at 19 degrees so is still low to the sky. 

It is recommended that you head to a headland or beach with clear views to the ENE. 

Forest Trail Park is unsuitable and JJ Melbourne will only become viable from about 9pm (TBC)!!

Event Type

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