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Field night - Visitors Welcome
Sep 24

Field night - Visitors Welcome

Start Date
24-Sep-2022 5:15 pm
End Date
25-Sep-2022 2:00 am
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

The gate will be open 30 minutes before Sunset. 

It is best to watch out for member emails or comments in chat groups to see if the night is still on and which sites will be available.

Please arrive 1/2 hr before sunset to allow ample time to setup in the light. If you arrive after dark, please do not drive into the area but park outside the gate to avoid your headlights interfering with people's dark-adapted eyes.

If you plan to leave early (before midnight), then park closer to the gate and not close to imagers or observers that stay after midnight.

Please follow our Night Time Etiquette & Car Lights guidelines.

See the following page for Night Sky Observation.

Note that a visitor's field night and not a public viewing night. Visitors are invited to check out either the club or a couple of our observation nights. While the club sometimes helps with viewing nights at schools, the Botanic Gardens CALYX, Scouts and other events with Telescope viewing it doesn’t normally hold public viewing nights at our monthly observation nights.

The SARS_COV_2 virus can also be passed via the eyes as well as being in close proximity to others and many people still avoid sharing telescopes so to help avoid COVID19.

Event Type
Observation & Imaging

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