Plane Flyby Moon by Peter Nosworthy

On May 26th, I was livestreaming the Lunar eclipse on Youtube from my backyard observatory at Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains. At 22:47, near the end of the partial phase, a plane flew through the field of view of one of my scopes.

The plane was a DHL Boeing 777 owned by Kalitta Air and was flying at 11,600 ft.

Equipment: 100mm f/10 Schmidt Cass. with 25mm Plossl eyepiece and iPhone 11 Pro mounted at the eyepiece.
The phone itself was not recording but was acting as a web cam feeding into my live streaming software which was recording the video feed. The image is therefore a cropped frame from the video livestream recording. That’s why it has “LIVE VIEW” superimposed on it.


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