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Astrophotography Portable power: Greg McCall: A presentation on portable power I did for ASNSW (1,548.9 Kb)
Image Editing without capturing data: Greg McCall: Creating an image from Hubble Data (556.1 Kb)
Star Party at Coonabarabran 2022: John Sandoval: An article by John Sandoval about the NSAS Star Party at Coonabarabran in June 2022 (1,072.2 Kb)
Luna Imaging: Robert Brenner (Japan): Lunar Imaging - by Used with permission. (71,766.7 Kb)
The Astrophotography Mount EQ vs Alt/Az: Greg McCall: (679.0 Kb)
The Equatorial Mount Setup: Greg McCall: (1,283.3 Kb)
Introduction to Astrophotography: Greg McCall: An introduction to Astrophotography for beginners by Greg McCall, originally published in the club's magazine but updated in December 2021. (2,603.4 Kb)
NSAS > Constitution & Policies
Telescope Loan Agreement: Tony Oesterheld and Michael Michael Venter: This is the agreement for lending out NSAS telescopes to members (127.3 Kb)
Behaviour Expectations Policy: David Stevenson: Document sets out behaviour expectations for members, visitors and guests of the NSAS and what may be the consequences for behaviour considered inappropriate. (114.4 Kb)
Sebastian Murk's speaker presentation: Sebastian Murk: The references page from Sebastian Murk's speaker presentation to NSAS on Tue 15 March 2022. (1,042.6 Kb)