Observing for Saturday Night, 17th June is OFF

16 06 2017

According to weather forecasts, there will be around 85% cloud with a 60% chance of rain over a 3.5 hour timespan.
Sorry visitors—it’s been a disastrous year so far. I can’t recall such a bad run for a long time.
Lawrie Webb

Solar Observing for Today, 4th June is ON.

4 06 2017

While there is some cloud around there should be plenty of sunny patches for us to enjoy.
Lawrie Webb.

Viewing Report for Terrey Hills Saturday 27 May 2017

28 05 2017

A near perfect night for Viewing, a clear sky & no wind.
Despite the exodus to Coonabarabran, the evening was well attended with 17 members & 10 telescopes & 2 binoculars. It was great to have Ken Scofields, our Treasurer, join us.
Although Trudy & I succumbed to the cold early in the evening, we viewed a succession of Nebulae with Eta Carinae outstanding. For the first time with my 8 inch Schidmt Cassegrain I was able to clearly view the Spiral & Sombrero Galaxies. Ken Jones.

Observing for Saturday Night 27th May is ON

26 05 2017

The forecasts are for a clear cool night with the possibility of some cloud from 10.00 PM to 1.00 AM. A members only night. The gate will be open from 4.30 PM.
Ken Jones.

Observing for Saturday May 20th is OFF

19 05 2017

Once again our visitor night will not proceed, due to heavy cloud and rain periods. Also, the very popular Macquarie Uni open night will be confined to indoor events only.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for Today May 7th is ON

7 05 2017

We will be set up near the domed observatory at St Ignatius School, Riverview from 11am. Don’t miss out on this stunning day’s weather.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight April 29th is ON

29 04 2017

Predictions are for part cloud, but it should be ok. Please note this is a Member Only night, and it will be cold. The gate will be open by sunset.
Lawrie Webb.