School Holiday guide at Siding Spring AAT

By  Greg McCall
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Marnie Ogg is looking for anyone interested in being a guide at Siding Spring in the AAT over the school holidays, especially, but also ongoing throughout the year. 
This would suit students looking for a little cash and experience for their CV, this could be a good opportunity, or suitable for retirees with time on their hands. 
If you're heading out that way already and feel like dabbling in Astrotourism (outside of your working hours), Marnie would be delighted to have you there too. 
The role would entail:
  • Lead public tours of the AAT at 10.30am weekdays / 2pm Weekends 
  • Being on site from 9.45am - 2.15pm weekdays / 9.45am - 3.30pm weekends
  • Meet and greet guests in the Exploratory (short explanatory intros)
  • general cleaning duties
  • When tours are on, the Exploratory will be closed
Dark Sky Traveller would cover accommodation at SSO Lodge, Meals, $20 pd fuel plus $38 - $45 ph weekdays and $42 - $50 ph weekends. 
Outside of school holidays, we'd be looking for people who can do 4-day blocks (Thursday - Sunday)
Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel may be suitable and interested and ask them to call me if they have any questions.
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