Chat Group update

By  Greg McCall
Category: General

Note that NSAS has various chat groups available to members. Chat groups provide an opportunity to ask questions or chat on various topics of interest. We currently host the following chat groups.

"General Discussion" - For chats on any topic not covered by other chat groups.

"Astro Tonight" - Monitor this group for ad-hoc field site night opportunities.

"Buy & Sell equipment

"Imaging Discussion"

"Visual Discussion"

"Solar Discussion"

"Planetary Discussion"

"Electronic Assisted Astronomy (EAA) Discussion"

"DIY Discussion"

Chat groups can be accessed from the chat menu on our web site or the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the mobile app.


For the "Buy & Sell equipment" Chat Group, it would be helpful to post a SOLD message if your item is sold. 

Note that every member has been included in each of our chat groups and every member will receive notifications of any new chats to any group by default.

If you don't want to be notified of any new chats within a particular group, you can stop new chats sending you notifications by going to the particular chat group, go to the top right corner of the page and selecting "Mute Notifications" within the MemberJungle mobile app, or in the web page, clicking on the bell icon in the top right corner so that the bell is replaced with a bell with a diagonal slash through it.

This notification change needs to be done for each individual chat group that you don't want to receive update notifications. The notification can easily be re-activated at any time.

Note that stopping MemberJungle notifications across the board within your operating system will stop you being notified of important messages or other notifications such as a new event, a news post, a new blog, an ASV or ASNSW magazine upload.


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