A step by step Windows imaging computer build.

By  Greg McCall

I thought I'd post this blog after the final release of a YouTube video series that I've been watching was posted today. The series would be very helpful to someone setting up an imaging computer.

The series by Patriot Astro (linked below) has a few things I would do differently but the workflow, hardware and software installation as well as the step-by-step testing, is a great example of how to build a windows astro imaging system.

NINA has come a long way. It supports many native device drivers and is supported by many programmers who have supplied plugins to add extra functionality. (and it's free at least for now) I've moved from Sequence Generator Pro as I feel NINA is way better.

I don't necessarily support Chad's chosen computer platform as I prefer to use something like the Intel NUC which is more likely to have updated drivers. (that is a real NUC and not what people are generalising as a small fanless computer) As well as that, I think looking up device drivers to work out the USB port is hard compared to the windows application called USB Device Tree Viewer  (USBTreeView) which is much quicker at identifying what USB ports are used. His IP network setup could be done better as the process described basically only suit a permanent setup at say your home.

So check out the videos in Patriot Astro PC Series 

I also prefer a different DC power setup but at least you now have a comprehensive example of the computing core of an astro system.

Chad has also made excellent YouTube videos on other NINA-related topics




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