Australian Astronomical Societies

Astronomical Society of Australia
Astronomical Society of South Australia
Astronomical Society of Tasmania
Astronomical Society of New South Wales
Sutherland Astronomical Society
Canberra Astronomical Society
Southern Astronomical Society
South-East Queensland Astronomical Society
Brisbane Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Western Australia
Astronomical Society of Alice Springs
Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group
Bendigo District Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Frankston
Astronomical Society of Flinders University (SA)
Astronomy Clubs of Australia (NSW)

Australian Observatories

Anglo-Australian Observatory
Ballarat Observatory & Society 
Grove Creek Observatory
IPS Radio & Space Services
Perth Observatory
Parks Radio Observatory
SKA Radio Observatory

Overseas Astronomical Societies

Astronomical Society of the Pacific 
International Meteor Organization
Antique Telescope Society
International Dark-Sky Association
British Astronomical Association

Local Telescope Specialists/Dealers

BinTel (Glebe)
Andrew’s Communications (Greystanes)
York Optical (Brookvale)
Astro-Optical (Artarmon)

OZScopes (Online)
Ice-in-Space Classifieds (Online)
AstroClassifieds (Online)
Astromart (Online)
Scales Plus (for laser pointers)

Member Sites

Astro Art Prints
Universe For Everyone
Australasian Dark Sky Alliance

Our Solar System

STARDUST Mission Home Page
Galileo Mission to Jupiter
Mars Global Surveyor
Ulysses High solar latitude exploration
Mars Meteorites
On-Line Satellite Predictions
NASA Human Space Flight
Eclipse Home Page
Moon Map
Astronomy 161 – The Solar System
Mars Pathfinder Mission
Moon Calendar
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Comets (Southern skies)
Lunar Landing Sites
Comets (catalog)
Satellite and Shuttle Tracks
Tour of the Solar System
Comets This Month

The Universe

Near a Black Hole
SEDS Best of HST
Introduction to Cosmology 
Astronomy 162 – Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology

Astronomy Software

Cartes du Ciel
WorldWide Telescope

AstroTips – Astronomy Freeware and Shareware
Astronomy software
Astronomical Software (Serious stuff)
Planetarium Software Page

Digital Astrophotography (and CCD)

Yahoo Digital Astro Group
Scopetronix digital cameras adapters/eyepiece
Digital camera adapters
Astrostack software
Blackframe subtraction software
Digital astro formulas
The Force control software for Coolpix
Hocus Focus software for laptop focus
Registax software
Snappixx Coolpix control software
Digital camera remote release hardware
NASA Photo Gallery
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Webcam Astronomy
Digital Astrophotography List
SBIG Image Gallery
FITS Data Format
Spectroscopy, CCD, & Astronomy
Gordon Garradd’s Astro Photo Site
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation
Luke Tscharke Photography

Aboriginal Astronomy

Australian Indigenous Astronomy

Miscellaneous Resources

Dark Sky Finder
Light Pollution
The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis Information
Meteor Showers
Astro Clock

The Messier Catalog
Visual Satellite Observers
Astronomy Homework Help
The World’s Largest Optical Telescopes
Amateur Telescope Makers
The Constellations & their Stars
Mathpages – Index
SETI Australia

Chris Dolan’s Astrophysical Calculator
Links to other Space-Astronomy Sites
Sky and Telescope – Home
Consolidated Lunar Atlas
JPL’s Horizons Ephemeris
PIGWAD Maps (Planetary Geological)
PDS Map-a-Planet
Regional Planetary Image Catalog

Spaceguard Central Node
National Space Science Data Center
Double Star List
True Colour of Stars
AU General Assembly Sydney 2003
Mt. Stromlo Fire Funds
Future of Radio Astronomy
ASTINO Project
Google Space Directory SEDS
Common Names for Messier Objects
Astro Information from Anzwers
Astronomy: Computer Software Games for Kids
Backyard Astronomy Basics