Hi everyone. Well, hopefully we have seen off the worst of the COVID lockdowns and this coming year will settle down and provide us with a greater level of certainty. So we’ve ramped up the invite juices and scheduled a heap of events in the next few months.

The calendar in the NSAS website has now been updated for members access with our dates for next year, and we now also have the following dates locked in. If you are interested in attending or getting involved in any of the events please follow the associated link.
* Members Observing Nights – These are now included in the calendar – https://nsas.org.au/calendar/
* Beginners Night in the Field – December, February and March dates announced and available for booking – Limited Places – Register at Beginners-night-in-the-field
* Beginners Night on Zoom (Astrophotography) – This Wednesday 7:30pm – Register at beginners-night-on-zoom
* Beginners Night on Zoom for February and March are also announced and available.
* Bring Your Own Telescope Night – Popular night !! – Tuesday 25th January 7:30pm – Bookings not required and it will be conducted at Forest Trail Park
* Our first General Meeting back in Regis Hall will be 15th February and this will also be beamed out on Zoom. Visitors Welcome.
* The Club’s Christmas Party will be on Sunday 5th December 11am-4pm at our new field (Forest Trail Park) in the fancy facilities there. Members, please look out for registration details in the week before via email.

Guest Speaker
Our General Meeting speaker for this month is Andy Wang who will be talking about strange objects in the centre of our Galaxy. Andy is the lead author on a recent paper discussing a mysterious radio source in the centre of the Milky Way. The study included data analysis from the world’s leading telescopes including ASKAP, MeerKAT, ATCA, Swift, Chandra and Gemini. This session will be conducted over zoom at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th November.

Zoom upgrade and simplification.
We have received some feedback that people are experiencing zoom errors. We have now simplified our approach to the use of zoom and people should no longer be experiencing issues. If you do please notify us at nsas@nsas.org.au.

COVID Policy
These events will be managed according to the clubs new COVID Policy (attached), which basically says that at all times the club will operate according to NSW Govt Guidelines and Rules. In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may alter these at its discretion, for instance if a member had tested positive to COVID and other contact with members had occurred.

Membership Fees are due
A reminder if you haven’t paid your membership fees. Please do so via the NSSA website https://nsas.org.au/membership/.

James Webb Telescope gets shipped
Last month I mentioned that the James Webb Telescope is due to be launched on 18th December and it is pleasing to know it is still on track. I have attached below a link to a series of YouTube videos on the transportation and preparation for the launch.
James Webb Journey to Space PART 1

Clear Skies
David Stevenson
Club President

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