Hi everyone,

YES !!! With the vaccination rates now getting closer to the magical hurdle gates the Committee has set some rules to help guide our Observing Nights.

Our first observing night is soon and will be the 30th October and will be a Members Only night and held at our new Forest Trail Park. Numbers will be limited to 30 and you will need to QR Code scan in at the front gate with proof of your double vaccination status. This will be preferably displayed on your phone from the Medicare or hopefully the NSW COVID check in app. If you do not have a valid certificate please do not arrive hoping to get in as entry will be refused. Please have the information handy so we don’t have queues. Visitor observing will be scheduled in the coming month. It is exciting to be finally able to schedule some observing nights with some degree of certainty.

Our Annual General Meeting is 7:30pm next Tuesday Night (19th) and will be held over zoom ( https://us06web.zoom.us/j/5823913701?pwd=cUJlNkNGdVUyNFhpc2lucWYzQ0F0UT09 NB: this is also displayed on the NSAS front page). Nominations for the Committee are closed but there are still other opportunities to assist in helping with the club, and if you have a particular interest then please let us know and we will see how we can facilitate that. Please make the time to zoom in and listen to what the club has achieved in the last year and it’s plans for next year. As a member “have your say” and vote for who you want on the committee.

The new NSAS website and App are coming along well with parts of the site and app now entering testing. As mentioned previously you will be able to manage all your interactions with the club including memberships, change of addresses, phone numbers, Working with Children checks, registration for events and even check in at club meetings and observing nights.

With the new website and logo, the Club has purchased caps and these will be distributed to all existing members and as part of any new or renewed membership. We have been held back due to the lockdown but hopefully the supplier will be able to deliver these shortly.

We have 2 new Beginners Nights on Zoom sessions available now in the store (https://nsas.org.au/store/). I’m pleased to announce one specifically focussed on astrophotography (November) for those who want to dabble in the dark arts. Our October BNZ will focus on “What to bring to the field” and setting up on a “Push-to” or “Go-to” scope. See the website for more details.

The annual membership fees are now due and are only payable via the NSAS website at
https://nsas.org.au/store/. I get a few questions about paypal and if you need to have a paypal account – you do not. It just means that the society uses paypal to process your credit card payments.

With the new James Webb Telescope now seemingly close to launch I thought I would provide an interesting link for you that I have found very informative. The JWT will be a significant advance in society’s astronomy capabilities with a mirror that is 6x that of Hubble. It operates at a different wavelength and hence will be able to see through gas clouds and the like.

JWST primary mirror


With the launch date set for December it is something to look forward to in the months ahead.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM – hopefully that is the last AGM via zoom and we can converse together more normally in the months ahead.

Clear skies!!

David Stevenson

A photo from one of our members

John Mills Horse Head