Next Tuesday the 27th of July is the Tuesday after the general meeting which is the normal night I try to do an astrophotography related ZOOM meeting.
We are all currently in lockdown so perhaps astrophotography is one of those things you may want to research.

While I don’t really have a topic for Tuesday night as I’m still researching a few things, I was wondering if any had issues they were grappling with in this lockdown that they might have wanted to ask for help.

I was thinking if we can get enough people, it would provide a bit of a brains trust to help those who are stuck on something but due to COVID lockdown, can’t get to a meeting to discuss an issue face to face.

So my question is, should we have a Zoom meeting this Tuesday with just questions from the floor (so to speak)?

let me know…

A topic that came up the other night at the Australian clubs level was that Victoria was trying to organise a live YouTube session involving other states. As it turned out, basically only Victoria and South Australia took up the challenge.
BREAKING NEWS! – Lockdown Livestream Extended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCKR1M_RCRc

I was wondering if anybody in our group was interested in this type of event. Perhaps to try locally and maybe even join a national hook-up one day.

also, let me know if anyone is interested or set up to do it.


My email is emailgregnow@gmail.com