The PFA is surrounded by bushland, much of it in National Park.

Before the latest COVID-19 lockdown for Sydney, we videoed a bushwalk which took about an hour and circled around the PFA.

The video was taken using a DJI Pocket2. I suspect I might have reduced that constant bounce you will notice as I walk if I had used a different stabilisation mode of the Pocket2.

The video speed has been increased to 300% which has reduced its length from about an hour to under 17 minutes.

If you want to avoid the bush walk shortcut that I do on the western end of the loop, keep walking as I understand a trail exists further west that will take you back up to the Forest Trail.

You might notice that when I first follow the Showground Trail along the electricity line service road, I pause at the power poles and look through the bush. It’s not easy to see on the video but you can see the PFA through the trees in the distance. (looking at the pink like on my map, it’s the point that looks like a fishing line dangling below a hook above the Pistol Club).

Unfortunately, with this hike, you will not make the 10,000 steps but it is a way to exercise before a night’s observation. Just watch out for the trail bikes and the occasional water and mud on the trail after some rain. There is plenty of parking on Mona Vale Road, just outside the entrance to the PFA.



A hike around the PFA YouTube Video