I created a video to explain aspects of our new observation site as well as show those who haven’t yet visited the site.

We have named the site Forest Trail Park and it’s situated within the PFA (Peninsular Firearm Academy) property roughly between St Ives and Belrose.

We currently use the upper car park of the PFA, but hopefully in the coming months, will be using what the PFA call the overflow car park.
Our main observation site will probably be a year away before it’s ready for our use.

So far, we have had two successful observation nights. The weather and COVID-19 restrictions have unfortunately kept us away from some observation nights in recent months.

I have put together some photos and a video that I hope will provide some views of the area together with some commentary.

Check out my YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4V0xWc9WA

PS: appologies for an earlier draft news email that was accidently posted earlier under David Wallace’s name.