We have a guest presenter for this Tuesday night’s zoom meeting at 7:30pm, 22nd of June.

Stephen Thurston has given me 29 slides titled “Qantas Southern Lights by Flight” which he intends to talk too.

He recently took a flight to somewhere near Antarctica and photographed the sights out his window.

He talks about the travel company, what is the Aurora and where the flight took him.

Also mentioned, is a handy and cheap purchase that he used to keep the cabin lights out of his DSLR photos.

Photos? also highlighted is the difference in what your eye sees compared to what the camera captures as well as his photos from the flight.

To join the ZOOM, just go to our web page (at https://nsas.org.au/) and join our normal general meeting Zoom event.

Note that we have recently improved our website front page to make it easier to find and join our Zoom meetings.
(but if you still have issues finding the link on our home page, let me know exactly how it doesn’t help and I will endeavour to improve that link)


Greg McCall

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