Hi everyone.

A reminder that there is a Total Lunar eclipse this Wednesday and we will be opening up Terrey Hills (JJ Melbourne Memorial Park) at 7PM (gates open at 6:30pm). Please feel free to bring family and friends and your own scopes to come and have a look. This will be a prime viewing point in Sydney and at the moment the weather is looking good.

Make sure you rug up – IT WILL BE COLD!! Consider a thermos of tea, blankets, scarves, beanies, jackets…no open shoes. Bring along your binoculars if you have them.

We will be hosting some cubs and scouts in an allocated area so please set up away from that area.

Please observe the following rules for everyone’s safety that are in place for the night.
1. If you are bringing in a telescope you may bring your car into the park but be aware that there will be kids running around and on bikes.
2. As everyone will be looking to the east, put your car on the right hand side of the road
3. If you don’t have a telescope you must park outside and walk in.
4. You must register yourself and your party at the COVID check in desk at the front gate. BRING YOUR PHONE TO DO THIS.
5. Bring some alcohol wipes to wipe down your eyepieces after each person looks through it. Not detergent based ones,

For those volunteers who have offered to bring along your scopes a big thank you.

Similarly, for those helping out at the council event at the beach headland a big thank you to you as well. Please be aware that the council is moving this location and this is still being finalised.

David Stevenson

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  • Peter

    Awesome fingers crossed the sky is clear. I assume I can park in the Kamber Road, that runs off Mona Vale, or you recommend to park on Mona Vale it self? Regards Peter (Non Member)

    • dwallace9

      We actually park at the East end of Thompson Drive, off Kamber Rd.

  • dwallace9

    We actually park at the East end of Thompson Drive, off Kamber Rd.

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