Hi there members.

The application form for the Arcadia Star Party is now available at the bottom of this email.

I suggest you read the stuff in the middle 🙂

We are now calling for people to indicate their interest in both nights of our mini camping star party. Numbers are limited so applications will only be open till 7pm this Saturday and in the event of oversubscription a names-in-a-hat process will be done.

Arcadia is about an hour away from the centre of Sydney. This is an opportunity to view or image in a darker part of Sydney for two nights, enjoy some social activities and participate in some talks and hopefully solar viewing during the day.

We are targeting Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of June. This a low key, stay all night for two nights event. As it is a two-night event, priority will be given to those who can stay both nights.

Please be aware of the conditions for the possible postponement of the star party:
•If due to recent rain, the ground will be too wet
•Clouds predicted for the weekend.
•Last-minute unforeseen circumstance arising with the property.

We have some contingency dates for the following months if the event is postponed as well as another Star Party in Coonabarabran in September.

Now, what do I mean by camping?

Staying all night takes the pressure off racing home and taking the time to get those images or see those objects. To be out under the stars or to sit out next to your gear all night if needed without any timetables, perhaps sleep in your car, a tent or even an RV etc. some of the time.

You must be self-sufficient. Any camping trailer, car, RV etc must be capable of driving in a grass paddock. We will also be able to accommodate a few people who wish to stay at local accommodation.

Any camping trailers must be of an off-road type and you should be capable of reversing your vehicle or trailer between trees and be prepared for sloping ground. Cars towing these trailers should also be capable of 4WD.

Also, be away that it’s in a field in the middle of winter so warm clothes etc. are essential. It is much colder out in the night air after midnight so thermals, gloves, etc. are recommended.

All rubbish must be taken with you. You must supply your own power for the equipment and it would be best to be able to have enough power for the weekend or be able to charge your own batteries with solar. Limited power is available to charge batteries, but we cannot guarantee that enough power points will be available when needed.

A single toilet is available and possibly a shower hopefully also available.

We can only drive on some parts of the property to avoid the cars compacting the ground which is not good for the soil. As such, we will need to keep cars at the campsite and away from the observation site. Think about how to move your gear to a site. A trolley etc. to transport gear from your camp to the observation site will be available if required.

As well as being self-sufficient, I recommend a groundsheet and a cover for your gear during the day. An elastic cord helps in securing the cover during the day. Something to put under tripod legs is also recommended for soft ground.

For those all-night imagers, now is the time to figure out and test any remote access to your gear from your tent/car etc.

Please ensure you have a red headlamp for working on your gear at night and a red-light touch for walking around the area. (white light torches to be covered with red film).

We are also possibly having some form of BBQ on Friday and Saturday night so it is a great opportunity to leave your gear for a little while and enjoy the social side of our star party.

If there is anybody who would like to volunteer to talk about any astronomy-related topic on Saturday, please let us know via the application form.

Greg McCall

Arcadia Star Party Application Form