Hi everyone

A short email to members only for the opening night at the new field this Saturday.

To enable people to come along and have a chat and mingle prior, the gates will be open from 3pm even though sunset is not till 5pm.

There will be a short 15 -20 min ceremony at 6pm to welcome the site into existence with champagne, wine, chips, cheese and crackers and soft drinks etc. If people wish to come along just for the ceremony etc please feel free to do so. Just let us know when you arrive so we can position your car for easy exit. Because we are expecting a few people to go along, and the Phase 1 space is restricted, we will be directing where all cars are to park so we can maximise the space usage. Please accept the space you are given. In the event that we become full, we might ask you to park outside and walk in for the ceremony.

A reminder, the ground is crushed sandstone with tar and gravel on top so think about a ground sheet.

The new field is at the Peninsula Firearms Academy which is just beyond St Ives Showground. Here is a google map shortcut here. Basically you will be going through a metal gate into the bush straight off Mona Vale Road which is at 90 kph so take care arriving (and leaving).

If the weather obeys the forecasts then all the cloud will clear away at 3pm for a clear night! Fingers crossed!

Clear skies
David Stevenson