WOW – a bumper month again this month with much going on.

Firstly – We return to Regis Hall for our first face-to-face meeting in a while 7:30pm Tuesday 18th May. For those who’ve become addicted to Zoom we will also be “zooming” the meeting which might prove technically challenging but we will see how we go. Our speaker this month is Andrew Dempster who is Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW and is the Director of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER). His talk will look at the development of space based resources to support future space missions.

Our new site will be opened on Saturday 15th May so keep an eye out for details in the days leading up to the event. There will be a short ceremony on the night and hope to see many new faces there. Places are currently limited to about 15 observing sites and hence people who are attending for the ceremony may be asked to park their car on Mona Vale Road and walk in. JJ Melbourne will also be open for people who wish to observe but are unable to secure a spot at the new field (first in first served).

We are also pleased to announce 2 members-only Star Parties. The first is on 11th and 12th June in Arcadia. This is a camping style star party (or you can sleep in cars or in local B&B etc). This should be a fun social event with BBQs, wine, cheese and crackers and a “Shed” for chatting, coffee and socialising. We are looking to have a few “lectures” or “presentations” etc. Places will be limited for staying overnight but people are able to come and go with normal “no lights” rules. An email will be sent out for people to register their interest and if oversubscribed then “names out of a hat” process will be done.

Our second star party for the year is at Coonabarabran for 2nd-5th September. Once again we have reserved the Warrumbungles Mountain Motel so please book directly with the Motel if you wish to come along – just make sure you indicate that you are with NSAS and you will be given one of the hotel rooms. Places in the hotel are limited but there is plenty of other accommodation around if you miss out there. We have arranged for a tour of the Anglo-Australian Telescope on Saturday with a special guest leading us. Our special guest will also be providing us with a talk at the Motel later on the Saturday afternoon/evening. More details will come to hand in the next month as we arrange for this and a registration process will also be used.

If you are interested in joining us 7:30pm tomorrow night for a Beginners Night on Zoom please register here.

Lastly – There will be an event for the Total Lunar Eclipse on 26th May. The final location is still to be finalised with council but this would be a good date to pencil as the viewing should be spectacular from the Terrey Hills site or Palm Beach headland, wherever it ends up.

I trust you are all well and I look forward to seeing you in person in the coming weeks rather than via zoom!!

Clear Skies
David Stevenson