Abstract from Vanessa Moss:

Behind the scenes at ASKAP

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is the nation’s newest radio telescope, featuring advanced receiver technology designed and built at CSIRO. Last year, it started the first phase of Pilot Surveys for a variety of astronomy teams, which marked the end of official commissioning and set ASKAP on the path to full survey operations. Working with ASKAP in this phase is definitely an adventure, as will be outlined by Head of ASKAP Science Operations, Dr Vanessa Moss. She’ll give a behind-the-scenes look at how ASKAP works, the great astronomy discoveries it is making already, how it relates to its northern sister telescope Apertif, the big data and automation challenges already pushing the limits of modern technology, and what the future holds for this telescope in the era of the Square Kilometre Array.

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Our guest speaker for November will be Vanessa Moss from CSIRO. She will speak on data management at the SKA. In keeping with our COVID safe policy, this will be conducted via Zoom. This meeting is open to everybody (i.e. NSAS members and non-members alike). The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 17th November, starting at 7:30pm (AEDST). To join, click here (Password: NSAS2020).

Abstract to follow.

David Wallace