Hi everyone

I hope you are all travelling well and are staying safe. With the Government easing its rules to 30 people hopefully this is a sign we can shortly ease visitor restrictions and return to semi-normal activities in the coming months. Please stay tuned here for updates.

Our new site continues to come along, although with the recent rain this now looks like being delayed into the new year before the council approves the final development. We will continue to use the Terrey Hills site until further notice with our extended member access.

I’m also pleased to let you know that our friends at Bintel have recently donated a solar telescope to the club. It is a Coronado PST and I tried it out yesterday. There was clear sunspot activity with a cluster of 2 larger spots with two smaller spots readily visible on the sun’s surface. I was also able to make out 2 small solar flares on the edge which was exciting to see. We will bring the solarscope along to the field and if you wish to look through it you will need to provide your own lens, 15-20mm would be the correct size. So next time you are in Bintel, or come across John Mills at the field, please don’t forget to say thank you.

Our new Beginners in the Field program is going well and has helped about 25 people to get going with their scopes. We lost a couple of nights due to cloud cover but anticipate that we will recover these with additional Friday or Saturday night events. If you have a rescheduled booking, keep an eye out for an email which will give you the new details. If you haven’t made a booking and would like help to get going, then keep an eye out on the website for additional nights that will be announced in due course.

The NSAS Photobook for 2020 is now available for ordering.

This is a high quality printed publication of about 60 photos from NSAS members. A PDF draft and more information is available on the NSAS site here. If you have a specific photo you want included make sure you email that photo to photobook@nsas.org.au before you place your order and make sure you make commentary with your order in the applicable text box. The standard price from Snapfish is $52 but we are able to source these delivered to your door for $45. Similarly we have now had delivery of the information packed Astronomy 2021 magazine and we have 12 copies left at members only discounted rates of $25 pick up in Turramurra (+ $5 delivery if you prefer).

Please note that membership fees are due and can be paid at NSAS Store. Thank you to everyone who has already paid.

The weather is looking good for this Saturday night so hopefully it stays that way for everyone and you get a chance to look up!

Clear Skies
David Stevenson