Hi Everyone

This is just a short note to remind you that the AGM is being held 7:30pm Tuesday 20th October. I’m pleased to report that all positions have a seconded nominee but an open invitation continues to exist for everyone if you wish to be part of the team. The AGM considers the appointment of 7 formal positions (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 Committee Members). 

If you would like to be involved but not necessarily be part of the Committee then there are many other roles and ways to help out. These can be as simple as helping out with crowd control (yes I’m serious!  ) on our new Beginners Night in the Field or can be more formal with specific responsibilities such as Assistant Observing Officer, Reflections Magazine Editor, Membership Officer, Course Manager of the NAG, Catering Officer or other roles. There are a base list of these on the website at http://www.nsas.org.au/about-nsas/committee/  but these can be tailored to suit your interests.  

Please remember that this is an AGM so make sure you stock up with wine and cheese but I will need to ask you to refrain from dancing on any table tops.  Remember – your camera is on!!

I will be attempting to create a breakout room where beginners can ask questions about their scopes etc. I’ve been told that breakout rooms are like “herding cats” and “Organised Chaos” so it will probably not go well in which case I will apologise in advance. If it becomes too much, remember the wine and cheese.
Beginners Night in the Field (BNF)
The club has now held two BNFs and they have had a lot of good feedback and appreciation shown by the attendees. We were more organised with our second event and it ran quite smoothly (as I said – better crowd control!). These are limited in places so we can remain covid compliant and allow a beginner to have about 3-4 hours support in understanding and getting their scope going. The thinking is that these will be a permanent feature and probably run most months depending upon demand. 

Ken Schofield has been working on the NSAS Photobook and I’ve been lucky enough to see the preview – and it looks AMAZING and I want one! If you have some photos that could be included please send them (or a link) to mailto:photobook@nsas.org.au. We will have the draft up at the AGM. 
New Site
The new site continues to be built. The priority at the moment is getting the base build ready for Council signoff which is due in the next month or so. The construction will continue next year with our eventual location on top of a platform like hill. In the meantime we will have access to a large carpark area which gives almost a 360 degree view, except for 1 tree.  I’m hoping to sign the Access Agreement this week which will be a great way to kick off the new year.   
I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom on the 20th!
Clear Skies
David S