Hi everyone

I hope you are all keeping well. Things are certainly not standing still here at NSAS and we are pleased to announce a new support class for people who have recently purchased a telescope. We have determined a way that we can have an open air class for up to 20 telescopes and we welcome anyone who has recently purchased a telescope to join us for 4 hours on a Saturday night to learn the basics of how to setup and drive their scope.

Beginners Night Special Class Outline

The Beginners Night Special (BNS) is part of the society’s New Astronomers Group (NAG) which operates classroom-based courses although these are currently restricted due to covid. It will include a guided walk-through where experienced astronomers and astrophotographers will assist you to set up your own scope and have a guided tour through the heavens.

Date: 29th August 2020
Time: 4:30pm – 9pm
Where: JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve
1A Kamber Rd, Terrey Hills NSW 2084

Places are limited and registration is required to attend. Bookings can be made through the following link BNS Link or on the society’s website: www.nsas.org.au. There is a small $10 fee per telescope for non-members (max 4 people per telescope) to cover costs.

The night includes;

  • Demonstration on how to set up a typical telescope (Celestron, Meade and SkyWatcher)
  • An allocated astronomer who will be familiar with your equipment (if one of the 3 above).
  • At registration time you can nominate specific interests or questions you might have so we can make sure that these are answered on the night
  • Time for you to setup your own scope with assistance from your astronomer
  • Viewing time to observe;
    • Moon
    • The Jewel Box NGC4755
    • Omega Centauri Globular Cluster NGC5139
    • Saturn
    • The Butterfly Cluster NGC6405
  • Question and Answer time with your allocated Astronomer

The class will be conducted in a safe distancing manner and you will be required to confirm a social distancing statement when you register.

We’d love to introduce you to the fascinating world of astronomy and if you have made the recent decision to purchase a telescope, this Beginners Night Special will make it easy for you to get started on your journey.

The booking form can be found at: www.nsas.org.au. If you have any questions then please use the contact form at the NSAS website.

Our New Site

We recently announced the society’s intention to acquire a new site in the St Ives / Terrey Hills area. I recently met with the construction manager and talked through our requirements with him. It is shaping up as an impressive capability we will have access to. Imagine a Mesa (bring back school memories ?) with a road up one end and and then down the other. It will be raised about 5 metres above the surrounding area and in a darkened area between St Ives and Terrey Hills. Stage 1 should be finished ~Nov.

Our PhotoBook

Our Photobook is coming along nicely so please keep your “snapshots” rolling in. Please send them to photobook@nsas.org.au.

Virtual AGM and call for nominations

We will be conducting our AGM virtually this year over zoom. To bring some festivities we are encouraging people to attend with Wine, Cheese and Crackers and a smiling face. Zoom has the ability to break up the meeting into several breakout rooms so people will be able to “mingle” through different rooms…..I have absolutely no idea how this is going to work but it seems like fun to try. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this. I feel that we have made some good progress this year despite COVID on the things we set out to do. The prospect of our New Site and the fact that our Website now has a payments capability up and running are signs of our progress.

If you would like to be part of the team that makes up the Committee then please put your hand up and let myself or Tony Oesterheld know. All positions will be declared open and hence feel free to chip in and make a difference. We do have a Treasurer’s spot open as David Wallace has decided to take a break after pitching in for a number of years now which I am very grateful for him doing so and we will miss him.

Sorry for the long email but hope you are keeping well.

Clear skies
David S

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  • John Mace

    Hi, My name is John I dont have a telescope but I have a a Startracker Pro setup for Astrophotography. I am a total beginner and would like to get help and guidance in this art. I have joined this group for the very reason that I dont have a clue, looking for help

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