I am pleased to let you know that Ken Schofield has stepped forward to help us with the creation of a NSAS Photobook. This will be an excellent addition to your coffee table to explain and show your family and friends what is this weird thing called an astronomical society that you disappear to every now and again (or in the case of zoom meetings into the back room or huddled around the kitchen table !!)

The Photobook is planned to be available in two sizes (8″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ – slightly smaller than A4 and A3) and will be about $45 and $75 respectively but final price will depend on interest and how many pages we amass. We will be selecting from all previous entries into the Monthly Showcase, our Photo archives or from any submissions you have. The photos will include any aspects of the club including observing days, field trips and of course pictures of the heavens. All photos will be considered for inclusion however a basic quality yardstick will be put over all. The photobook cost to you will be cost plus $5 (plus postage and handling if you require us to send it to you). If you wish to see samples of what we will be using to create the photobook please refer to www.snapfish.com.au who I have used several times previously and who have always produced a high quality product.

If you have an image you would like included into the photobook then please send in PNG or JPG form to photobook@nsas.org.au. We will be looking to gather photos in the next few weeks with compilation of the book starting in about a month. Ken’s judgement of what photos to be included will be final but we do plan that if you submit a photo and you order a book your photo will be included in your copy so here’s your chance to get into print!!!!

Each Photo must be accompanied with the following information – Please type over the below as it will be cut and pasted into the photobook; If you want to remain anonymous then just say your name is “NSAS Member”

[Photographer Name]
[Object Name]
[Equipment Short description – MAX15 words ]

If you have any questions please send them to photobook@nsas.org.au

David S and Ken S