Our virtual (Zoom) guest speaker for this month is Anita Petzler (PhD candidate at Macquarie University’s Dept of Physics and Astronomy) who will give a talk on “Interstellar Medium” (details below). This will be held on Tuesday 21st July at 7:30pm. To register your interest, please click here.

As before, we will conduct some normal club business (i.e. what is happening) at the start of this meeting before we hand over to Anita.

“The gas and dust between the stars in our Galaxy make for some of the most beautiful and compelling images in Astronomy. This ‘interstellar medium’ also provides the raw material for star formation, and as such its study plays an important role in our understanding of how stars form, live and die. In this talk I’ll discuss how I use radio telescopes to study the interstellar medium, and how I go about trying to unravel some of the persistent mysteries of its properties and dynamics.”

David Wallace