Hi everyone

Great to talk to you from what appears to be the other side of our “first contact” with Covid-19. Hopefully we all manage this well and it becomes our only culture twisting experience. Certainly I must admit I like working from home and it feels normal now although getting out under the starry skies on our nights is something I am REALLY looking forward to. Since my last message to you there have certainly been some nice sky nights with little wind and cloud and as we come into the star gazing season this will only get better.

There are a few things to update you on.

On the good side the Northern Beaches Council sent an email out yesterday easing its restrictions on the community fields and hence we expect to use the field soon. However, as the restrictions still require a maximum of 10 people and the messaging is still very much cautious the Committee has decided that we will only become active at Stage 2 which raises the number of people to 20. So stay tuned for Stage 2 announcements.

On General Meetings and use of the school facilities St Ignatious has advised us that we will be unable to use its facilities until the end of Term 2 which is about another 3 months. Consequently we are looking to start our Speaker sessions on the Tuesday 16th June via Zoom with Fred Watson, Australia’s Astronomer at Large.

We are also considering if our New Astronomers Group (NAG) course can run online and would like your input on this as well please. NAG is designed for beginners or if people are after a refresher.

Clear Skies
David S

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  • Peter

    Hi, I like the idea of an online zoom training series so will be interested to hear if it goes a head. You can record the zoom sessions and then host them on line in case people miss a session.

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