With the COVID-19 virus about the committee has discussed the advice from the Australian Dept of Health and based on this we will be proceeding with Fred Watson’s talk on Tuesday night. The Dept of Health advice is to limit organised, non-essential gatherings greater than 500 people and workplaces, schools, universities, shops, supermarkets, public transport and airports are not subject to any additional restriction.
However restrictions will be applied for anyone with a cough, sniffle or any symptoms of a fever or cold. If you have any of these symptoms please do not attend Tuesday night.
If you have any reason to believe that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 then please do not attend Tuesday night.
For the safety of all of our members and visitors if you are symptomatic I, and the club, will ask you to leave and I would prefer to not have to do that.
In WHO advice (link) it discusses that an aid to stopping transmission you should not shake hands nor stand within 1m of someone with symptoms. Again for our members, guests and visitors safety please adhere to this on Tuesday.
I do hope to see many of you there, healthy people only of course 🙂 as it promises to be a very interesting talk and topic. In talking to Fred today Fred indicated that there is some new news to come out of ASKAP so I am quite intrigued.
Stay well

David S.