Dear Members,

It was another interesting GM with guest speaker Marnie Ogg presenting on one of the big challenges for astronomy, namely, light pollution. It is startling that the discussions on this increasingly important issue have only really been going on in Australia this year. Members are encouraged to read a summary of this excellent presentation in the minutes.

There is no ordinary General Meeting in October, only the Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the upcoming AGM on October 15th nominations are called for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Nominations must be made in writing signed by two members of our association with the endorsement or consent of the person nominated. The nomination must be delivered to the secretary at least 7 days before the AGM. If there is more than one person seeking the same position, a ballot will be conducted at the AGM.

The Hunter Valley Star Party is this week and the weather is looking favourable which should make for a really enjoyable occasion. Looking forward to seeing many of our members and guests at the HVSP.

Tony Oesterheld

Club Secretary

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  • Sam

    Hi Tony, Would you please assist in my membership renewal? I would like to renewal for the new year. – amount required – payment method

    Many thanks! Kind regards, Samuel Leung 0428220348


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