Solar Observing Sunday 18th August is ON, Visitors Welcome

17 08 2019

Hi All,

The weather is looking Good for Sunday 18th August, so Solar viewing is ON.
Visitors are always welcome.
We will meet in the usual spot near the Observatory in the grounds of St Ignatius, starting at 11 AM.

Phil Angilley
Observing Officer NSAS

89 Ryan Place
Beacon Hill
02 9939 7319
0448 120 178

NSAS General Meeting for August; special speaker

5 08 2019

The NSAS General Meeting for August will be on Tuesday the 20th August at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our speaker this month is Greg Priestly, Nightscape astrophotographer. He will be talking about Nightscape imaging. See abstract below.

As usual, visitors are most welcome!

David Wallace

A summary of the presentation as follows:

A project to take remote dark sky astronomical timelapses every night, precipitation permitting.
* Why?
* Requirements
* Initial design
* Proof of concept and design refinement
* Development and build
* Theory vs practice and other problems
* “Production” challenges
* Data, data and more data
* Preliminary timelapse footage and other interesting tidbits
* A live remote demo? [Weather dependent]

July 2019 Object of the Month winners

3 08 2019

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that the winner of the July 2019 Object of the Month best image (The Moon or its features) is Seaforth Anderson with an excellent image using a smartphone through a telescope. Close runners up are John Sandoval, with an amazing zoom in of the Rupes Recta linear fault, and Kym Haines with a great map of the Apollo landing sites. Also contributing were Peter Korber with some handheld iPhone shots and Rohan Hinton with a video zooming in to the Apollo 11 landing site.

The best (and only) article was submitted by David Wallace, on the Great Lunar Explorers.

The Object of the Month is currently under review and we will get back to you in the next week or two with the new format. In the mean time there are plenty of good targets for you to photograph in the next few months, including but not limited to: the Trifid Nebula, Omega Nebula, Jupiter and Saturn, the Moon, the Sun, Triangulum galaxy and star trails.

Ben Petschel

Seaforth Anderson The Moon

The moon – taken with a smartphone through a telescope, by Seaforth Anderson July 2019.

Observing for Saturday August 3rd is ON, Members Only

2 08 2019

Hi All,

The weather for Saturday Night the 3rd August is looking OK, therefore the Night is ON.
This is a Members only night, so I hope to see some new faces.
I will open the gate about 5PM, so see you there.

Phil Angilley
Observing Officer NSAS

02 9939 7319
0488 120 178
pangilley @