We will be holding the next Astro Photography workshop on Tuesday 30th July.

Andy Casely will be doing a practical session (weather permitting of course) on how to image/capture data on the night and how he sets up for a session on planetary photography.

He will be answering questions on how to set up and process an image as well.

The equipment he uses will also be there as well of course whatever the weather situation – so he can still do a practical session of we are rained off), so will be an impressive set up.

As for the CCD camera, that will be raffled on that evening. David S has the details on that, but basically it’s a Celestron Skyris Planetary imager that retails for about $1200.

All the members have to do is get a Raffle ticket from Julie – who will keep record of what number to what Member – and Andy will ‘draw’ the winner at the end of the evening.

If you have any further questions or queries please feel free to reach out to me.

John Mills

P.S. All NSAS members and visitors are welcome to attend. We will meet at 7:30pm at Regis Hall (St Ignatius’ College).

P.S.S. The camera was labelled a skyris 445c
Celestron Skyris 445C