The NSAS General Meeting for July will be on Tuesday the 16th July at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our speaker this month is Dr Andy Casely. He will be talking about planetary imaging. See abstract below.

As usual, visitors are most welcome!

David Wallace

Exploring the Solar System from Sydney

Where do you want to go tonight? Shoot for swirling storms on Jupiter? Delve into Saturn’s polar secrets? Get dusty on Mars? Dip into the icy outer reaches of the Solar System? You can … from your own backyard in Sydney!

Amateur astronomers equipped with modern planetary imaging equipment can do all of this, and more. We’re in an age of incredible developments of imaging technology and technique, such that images made by amateurs now rival those from professional observatories only two or three decades ago. We can make images that are both beautiful and scientifically valuable.

Amateurs now regularly contribute directly to Solar System research: we’re able to collaborate with professionals in mapping and monitoring events such as dramatic activity of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, polar storms on Jupiter and Saturn, and even observations of unusual storms on Neptune. These projects connect amateurs directly to research with the great observatories such as Keck and Hubble, and with the space missions such as Juno.

I’ll take you through some of these, as well as just a little of my planet imaging journey from modest equipment to getting on the shortlist for Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019.