Reflections (June 2019) Available

16 06 2019


A new issue of the NSAS publication “Reflections” is now available.

It contains articles (and images) on:
– The Crab Nebula
– Omega Centuri
– Centaurus A
– M87*
– The Drake Equation

Thanks to all the people who contributed.

David Wallace

Reflections June 2019

Solar Observing for Sunday June 16th is OFF

15 06 2019

Hi All,

The weather for Sunday the 16th June is looking Bad, therefore Solar Observing is OFF.


Phil Angilley

Observing Officer NSAS


89 Ryan Place

Beacon Hill


02 9939 7319

0448 120 178


NSAS General Meeting for June; special speaker

9 06 2019

The NSAS General Meeting for June will be on Tuesday the 18th June at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our speaker this month is Wayne Short, President of NSSA (National Space Society of Australia). As this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the First Manned Lunar Landing, Wayne will talk about the Artemis Program, NASA’s new plans to return to the Moon.

As usual, visitors are most welcome!

David Wallace

P.S. Just a reminder that we have solar observing on Sunday 16th June and night sky observing on Saturday 29th June. Visitors welcome on both dates.

May 2019 Object of the Month winners and upcoming targets

1 06 2019

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that the winner of the May 2019 Object of the Month (NGC 5139 Centaurus A galaxy) is Igor Hodoba with the absolutely beautiful image attached. Other excellent entries were from David Armen (who managed several beautiful shots with a handheld iPhone!) and David Stevenson.

There were no articles entered this month so I’ll write something for the magazine.

Come along to the June meeting to see all the entries, or keep an eye out for the next Reflections magazine.

The upcoming targets are:

  • June 2019: NGC 3372 Eta Carinae nebula
  • July 2019: The Moon or its features (bonus points for smartphone shots)
  • August 2019: NGC 6514 M20 Trifid nebula


Centaurus A

NGC 5139 (Centaurus A galaxy) by Igor Hodoba May 2019