Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the April 2019 Object of the Month image competition (Omega Centauri globular cluster) is David Stevenson (see attached image). A close runner-up is David Armen with an interesting image that shows what you actually see through the telescope. Other excellent images were contributed by Kym Haines, Phil Angilley and Ramon Goldfried. All of the entries will be published in the next Reflections magazine, or come along to the May meeting to see all the entries.

There were no articles submitted so I’ll write something for the magazine.

The next few targets are:
May 2019: Centaurus A (galaxy)
June 2019: Eta Carinae nebula
July 2019: The Moon or its features (bonus points for smartphone shots)
Please send your articles or images (with a brief description of how the image was taken) to me at bpetschel@gmail.com.


Omega Centauri globular cluster – David Stevenson – May 2019