Hi All,

This coming Thursday the Moon occults Saturn.

The event start at 10:29 PM and ends at 11:25 PM.

When the Moon rises and occults Saturn, it will be about 4° above the horizon.

I am planning on setting up about 9:30 PM and staying until 11:30 PM.

The location I have chosen to observe this event is Edgecliffe Blvd Collaroy Plateau, opposite number 52, near the bus stop.

There is a section of the road that has a clear view of the ocean and is about 300′ above sea level.


Phil Angilley

Observing Officer NSAS


89 Ryan Place

Beacon Hill


02 9939 7319

0448 120 178


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  • Geoff

    Did you see it or were you clouded out. I could see it from lake Macquarie, but noticed a lot of cloud to the south.

    • pangilleybigpondcom

      Hi Geoff, the weather was excellent, the Moon popped out of the horizon with Saturn close behind.

      We all had a wonderful view of the start of the event, and an hour later we saw Saturn and 3 Moons appear from the Dark side of the moon.

      Regards Phil.

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