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You know – every so often you see a photo and just scratch your head and say “Wow – how did they do that?”

On top of our own clubs imagers where they have produced some stunning images of NGC1365 and M42 (refer Feb 2019 Reflections) there was one other image which I have seen this month which I thought people would be interested to see. Andrew McCarthy recently gained some press for his 150,000 composite photo of the moon in glorious colour Link but in following the links and doing a little googling I came across his other photo of the moon. Its simple, well framed and the light glow is well balanced to show our heavenly partner in just the right way. I hope you enjoy looking at some of his images as I have.

Two other events are coming up shortly one of which is the New Astronomers Group (NAG) course on April 13. If you are interested in attending this once a year opportunity I highly recommend it. It’s how I started and it gave me a great insight to many things. The course is being run at Regis Hall which is where our club meetings are held. We will have observing out on the field that night so it should be a great event. If you would like to register please complete this form and we will see you on the day. There will be BBQ and other food available with more details to follow in the coming weeks. The event starts with registration from 9:30am and will go till approx 8pm at night. Its a great way to get involved quickly. Parking is onsite.

The Hunter Valley Star Party preparations are also going well with a number of tour operators and vineyards working with us to provide discounts or experiences for you to enjoy. A reminder that this event will be a partner friendly event with opportunities for socialization and relaxation as well as supporting observing and the like. The event is scheduled from Thursday 26th Sept till Sunday 29th. This is a members and guests only event and you need to register now please so we can complete our preparations. The Registration form is here. We have also identified some alternative accommodation which might be of interest to some people. It is equally well located to the other hotels being just down the road from the observing site. It is called the Leisure Inn with room rates for approximately $200 per night with $130 p.n. showing on some booking engines. This should be a fabulous weekend away with the new moon being perfectly timed for 6:30pm Saturday night !!

I look forward to seeing you all shortly.

Clear Skies (hopefully this rain will stop soon!)
David Stevenson
Club President