Standby Observing for Saturday January 12th is ON, Visitor Welcome

11 01 2019

Hi All,

The weather for Saturday Night the 12th January is looking OK, therefore the Night is ON.
This is a Visitor Welcome night, so I hope to see some new faces.
I will open the gate about 7:30PM, so see you there.

There will be a lot of Dew, so bring all of your Dew control equipment.

The object of the month for January 2018 is M42 the Great Orion Nebula.
Please send your images and/or articles to Ben at bpetschel @ by 31st January at the latest.
If sending a video, please include a few frames as separate images so that they can be published in the magazine.
The winners of each of the best image and best article will receive a bottle of red at the next meeting.

Phil Angilley
Observing Officer NSAS

02 9939 7319

0488 120 178
pangilley @