Hi everyone,

One of the things you will see more of in the coming months is the Object of the Month. This will usually be an item of interest in the night sky which is prominent that month or deserving of special mention and if you are interested then you might google it and research it or maybe take a photo of it. Your blog / photo / commentary or article can be sent to me Ben Petschel (bpetschel@gmail.com) or here at nsas@nsas.org.au and there will be prize of a bottle of red for the best article about the comet and the best photograph of the comet, to be presented at the February general meeting. Your articles and photos will be published on the Website. Please send your articles and photos through by December 31st.

The object of the month for December is Comet 46P / Wirtanen.  The best days for viewing this are next week.

Ben Petschel
Object of the Month Coordinator