Hi everyone

We continue to plan for the Hunter Valley Star Party in 26-29 September so “Save the Date!”. We would appreciate anyone with event management experience to step forward to give us some assistance – It is looking to be a great experience in September and some planning now will help us to make it an exciting experience for everyone.

Following the success of the “Bring Along Your Scope” night we have decided to run a similar event on 15th January. This will be just after Christmas and hence people who have been surprised with a telescope (or surprised themselves !) this will be relatively soon afterwards and hence available for people to get a handle on this quickly. It is a “Welcome in the New Year” event.

John Mills, our Astrophotography leader will also be holding a practical session on the 29th January where some of the dark arts will be explained! These two sessions in January will be replacing the Christmas event in December which was proving to be difficult to arrange. Look out for these and save the date. We plan to hold 4 of these events this year and they should be exciting nights.

And finally if you wish to made aware of Observing night at the field then you must subscribe to the relevant page on the website – Enter your email address on the home page and then press the “Sign-me Up” button.

Clear skies
David Stevenson
Club President