Hi All,
Solar observing is open to all, Visitors are always welcome.
We meet near the observatory at St. Ignatius College, Tambourine Bay Rd, Riverview (Lane Cove), starting at 11am
At the roundabout go straight into the College, go to the far end of the Oval on the Left.
We will be on the grassed area.

Solar Observing has been very bad of late as the Sun Spot Cycle is near to the Minimum.
There has not been very much to see for months now.
I am considering suspending Solar Viewing until the Sun Spot Count and other activity increases.
I would appreciate your comments.

Phil Angilley
Observing Officer NSAS
02 9939 7319
0488 120 178
pangilley @ bigpond.com

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  • poggle@gatehouse.id.au

    Hi Phil

    I’ll come and keep you company tomorrow.

    Regards, Lawrie.

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