The NSAS General Meeting for August will be on Tuesday the 21st August at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our speaker this month is Prof. Paul Francis, ANU Distinguished Educator, Astrophysicist. He will speak on “Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe”. See the abstract below.

We will keep the new meeting format. Just a short meeting starting at 7:30 to discuss NSAS matters, then straight into our guest speaker’s presentation. This will be followed by tea and coffee where you can socialise (and talk astronomy) with our guest speaker and other members.

As usual, visitors are most welcome!

David Wallace

P.S. Just a reminder that this Saturday (11th August, i.e. tomorrow night) is a member only viewing night.

When you hear astronomers talking on the TV, we like to boast about all the things we’ve discovered. But in reality, we know very little about our universe. In this talk I’ll highlight some of the greatest things we don’t know. I will include some of the huge famous mysteries, such as why the Big Bang happened, what the universe is made of, and whether there is life in space. But I’ll also talk about some of the less well known mysteries, such as comet tails far from the Sun, how Quasars shine, and mysterious space blobs.