Observing for Saturday August 11th is ON, Members only

10 08 2018

Hi All,

The weather for Saturday Night the 11th of August is looking Good, some early cloud, then clearing, therefore the Night is ON.
This is a Members only night, so I hope to see some new faces.
I will open the gate about 5:00PM, so see you there.

Phil Angilley
Observing Officer NSAS

02 9939 7319
0488 120 178
pangilley @ bigpond.com



3 responses

10 08 2018

Hi Phil. Don’t you mean tomorrow the 11th? Cheers

Brent Sands

10 08 2018

Should it be the 11th? Visitors night or members only?

Regards, Steve OBrien. 0401 157 285.


11 08 2018

I updated Phil’s post. Dave W.