I am Very pleased to inform you of Mr John Mills as VIP Speaker for the 17 April Monthly Meeting.

Title: Telescopes for the Modern Astronomer

Abstract : “The current rise of quality optics at an affordable price has brought Telescopes within the reach of everyone, but how do you decide what is best for you and your lifestyle, the answer is easier than you think ….”

John’s Background

John’s career is over 10 years of customer and Logistics service in various blue chip companies – Siemens/Fujitsu and Apple both here Australia and the UK.

His current career is Business development manager at Bintel in Sydney supporting the Astronomers across the communities of Australia to ‘View’ or ‘Photograph’ the Night Sky.

John’s Astronomy hobby started properly in a small town in the North of England when he was 17 and joined my first Astronomy club.

John believes that currently what would be best described as an ‘Astro-imager’ and a little bit geeky when it comes to applying technology towards imaging.

Finally John will talk briefly on a new proposed Group on Astrophotography and Imaging for NSAS.

Sincerely, Krishan Anand

P.S. Visitors are most welcome.